Herbalife Niteworks®

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This refreshing, lemon powder that helps you create more life supporting nutrients during the night while you sleep. Niteworks ® powder is also beneficial in supporting vascular health. Rich in vitamins C and E.

Developed with Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Lou Ignarro, Niteworks ® helps your body produce Nitric Oxide (NO), for improved circulatory, immune and nervous system functions. L-arginine and l-citrulline trigger cells to produce and recycle more NO.

Key Benefits

Helps create more life-supporting nutrients during the night while you sleep.
Supports vascular health.
Rich in Vitamins C and E.


Add 10 grams (two teaspoons or two scoops) to 240 ml of cold water. May also be mixed with sparkling water or juice. Take orally at night or before bedtime

Fast Facts

In powder form.


300g powder mix. 30-day supply.

Full Details

Download Product Packaging Label (PDF): Herbalife Niteworks® Label

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300g powder mix