Herbalife Protein Soup Mix – Cream of Chicken

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Note: This product has been discontinued. Please see our other healthy snacks.

Enjoy a hearty pick-me-up. This Creamy Chicken Soup Mix allows you to whip up a satisfying chicken-flavoured soup in a matter of minutes. It’s instant and good for you!


Creamy Chicken Soup Mix is a great way to enjoy a satisfying cup of soup. Each serving includes 16 grams of protein with 80 calories. Simply add hot water and stir for the perfect anytime snack.

Key Benefits

  • 16 g of protein.
  • Only 80 calories.


7 Packets/Box


Empty contents of one packet into a large cup or mug. Add 200–250 ml of very hot water and stir until smooth. For microwave preparation, empty contents of one packet into microwave-safe cup or bowl. While stirring, slowly add 200–250 ml of cold water. Heat at high power for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, and enjoy!

Fast Facts

  • Add less water and use as a tasty sauce over steamed vegetables or on chicken/turkey breast.
  • Convenient single-serving packets.

Download Product Packaging Label (PDF):
Herbalife Soup Mix Label